The Minimal Object-Oriented Framework

Moof a very lean, efficient, and easy-to-follow framework for writing Macintosh applications in C++. It consists of only 5 files (2 source files and 3 header files). It is fully compatible with the other goodies on my Macintosh development page and elsewhere, but doesn't require them. If you're looking for a simple way to get a Macintosh application running fast, with a clean yet simple design, then Moof is for you.

The Moof download is under 40K, and includes everything you need to get started right away. Grab it here:

See the Release Notes for the latest info!

Advanced Moof

Advanced Moof is a set of additional classes to handle things like multiple windows, modal and modeless dialogs, etc. It adds about a dozen files or so (including headers), but gives you a solid foundation on which you can build real apps. Meshwork was built on Advanced Moof, for example.

Moof Extras & Demos

Scrolling Window
This project includes ScrollWindow, a simple derivation of MoofWindow that makes use of a few pane classes to provide a scrolling document window. Includes both the ScrollWindow code and a simple project demonstrating its use.

Moof (including Advanced Moof) is free with full source code -- share and enjoy! (I make no warranty, expressed or implied, of fitness for any purpose, etc. etc.) Moof was inspired, in large part, by MacZoop, an excellent (though considerably larger) framework by Graham Cox. If you find Moof doesn't fit your needs, I urge you to give MacZoop a try.

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All code has been given a clean bill of health by Spotlight
(something most other frameworks can't claim!).
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