Pane Classes

Pane Class Diagram This is a small set of very handy classes for implementing "Panes," i.e., drawn elements in a window. They are compatible with MacZoop, Moof, PowerPlant, or any other C++ code, because they make no references to objects or datatypes outside of themselves.

In keeping with my philosophy of non-monolithic classes, you are not required to use the whole batch when you only need one or two. The class diagram to the right shows which pane classes require which other ones; as you can see, you never need more than two other classes for any particular pane class. (Note: some of the newest pane classes are not shown.)

You can download the files individually below, or get the whole set at

The descriptions below are a little brief, because the clases are relatively simple. Please examine the header file for full member definitions.

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Last updated: 4/27/99 . . . . . Joe Strout