ScriptMenu is a C module which builds a "Scripts" menu. The menu is built from the contents of a folder called "Scripts" within your application's folder. This folder should contain compiled Applescripts (not applets or droplets). The user can then execute a script by choosing it from the menu.

To use it is laughably simple -- see ScriptMenu.h for all you need to know. Note that the code is in C, but I've used C++ style comments. If you're using CodeWarrior, that's not a problem; if it bugs you, let me know and I'll change it.

New! ScriptMenu will now use a color icon for the menu title rather than the word "Scripts", if your application's resource fork has an 'ics#' resource named "Script Menu Icon" (as defined in ScriptMenu.c). If this resource is not found, the word "Scripts" is used, just like before. Here is a Script Menu icon resource file for your use. (Updated 08/25/97.)

If you have any questions or comments about the code or its use, please write to me at Improvements (such as using the script icon rather than the word "Scripts" for the menu title) are also welcome!
Last updated: 8/25/97 . . . . . Joe Strout