Rocket Simulation Code in Java

I've started writing some rocket simulation code in Java. This will enable us to make simulation applets, or platform-independent applications. The code is still in its infacy, but here it is anyway...

This module defines a Vec3D class for manipulating 3-D vectors. It has all the handy operations, such as length, projection, products, etc. (though thanks to Java's omission of operator overloading, you have to use these things in a consistently bone-headed manner). Vec3D is used extensively by the other rocket simulation modules.

This module defines the Planet class. A Planet has various attributes important to rocket flight, such as radius, gravity, and atmospheric density. These are used to compute the forces acting on a mass within the planet's sphere of influence.

This module defines the Rocket class, where various forces acting on a rocket are combined and the rocket's state is updated. Currently, it also defines a little main program (run "test.class") for testing the code.

As I develop applets using this code, you'll find links to them on my main rocket simulation page.
Last Updated: 7/17/98 . . . . . .