The Computational Neuroscience Class Library


  1. Introduction

    1. CONICAL Preview
    2. Levels of Modeling
    3. Compartmental Modeling
    4. Channels & Synapses
    5. CONICAL Review
  2. Class Reference
    accessory filesextra stuff needed by the classes
    AlphaSynalpha-function synapse
    Channelvariable-conductance current
    ChanABAlpha/Beta Hodgkin-Huxley Channel
    ChanHHHodgkin-Huxley ion channel
    ChanStdStandard Hodgkin-Huxley ion channel
    Compartmentisopotential volume
    CurrentCurrent source to a VSink
    Cylinderisopotential, cylindrical compartment
    DelayLink with a time delay
    Injectorideal current source
    LinkVSource to VSink connection
    MarkovMarkov kinetic model
    MarkovSynMarkov Synapse
    Spikerintegrate-and-fire Compartment
    Stepmasterunites a set of Steppers
    Stepperprovides Step(dt) method
    StepStreamcolumnar output generator
    Synapseneurotransmitter-gated channel
    VSinkvoltage sink
    VSourcevoltage source
  3. Demos & Examples

    1. Cylinder & Injector
    2. Markov model (stand-alone version)
    3. A passive cable
    4. Hodgkin-Huxley action potentials
    5. Delay link
    6. Spiker (integrate-and-fire)
  4. Miscellaneous Notes

    1. Release Notes
    2. Tested Platforms & Compilers
    3. About the Source Code
    4. Global Variables
    5. Things To Do
    6. Compiler Bug found in SC++
    7. Trouble-shooting / FAQ

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