Bug in Symantec C++ for Macintosh
Interferes with CONICAL classes

A bug has been found in the Symantec C++ compiler for Macintosh version 7.0.4. It causes the compiler to abort with an "internal error" in certain situations involving multiple inheritance.

This bug has been reported to Symantec, acknowledged as a previously unknown bug, and assigned bug number 10326. They won't commit to a fix date, but expect a fix to be included in the next major release, scheduled for February.

Until this is fixed, users of Mac Symantec C++ version 7.x will not be able to use ChanAB or any of its descendents (currently, this is only ChanStd). As far as I know, no other compilers are affected; and even for SC++ users, no other classes are affected by this bug.

As an alternative, Metrowerks Codewarrior is a reputedly excellent C++ compiler for the Mac which also generates code for several other platforms.

If you discover any other problems compiling CONICAL classes on any platform or compiler, please let me know.

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Last Updated: 12/20/95 Joe Strout.