The "Polywell" Approach to Fusion


Over the last 15 years, Dr. Robert Bussard -- one of the fathers of U.S. fusion energy research -- has developed a new approach to fusion power that is quite different from traditional approaches. In brief, magnetic fields are used to confine electrons to a small volume, creating an electrostatic potential; and this potential well is used to accelerate ions towards the center of the device, where they undergo fusion, releasing energy.

This approach neatly side-steps several of the difficulties that have kept fusion always the "energy source of tomorrow." Theoretical and experimental results suggest that this "polywell" approach to fusion can not only generate net power, but do it in a clean way, with no radioactive byproducts, using fuels (hydrogen and boron) that are abundant environmentally friendly. It's just a matter of confirming the results with a few more experiments, and then working out the engineering details for a full-scale power plant.

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