Here is the image I am currently working on; it shows an exterior view of a Stanford Torus, with another of the same design about 12 km away:

I'm basing this off of actual dimensions given in Space Settlements: A Design Study, and on image AC76-0525f from NASA. Some notes about the content:

The image is generated by POV-Ray 3.6, using this POV-Ray source file and starmap.png from Paul Bourke.

I still have a long way to go, but I think it's a good start.

To the right is an animation of the same model, rotating at the correct rate of 1 RPM. (If you've just come to my page, the GIF may still be loading, and will be slower than it should until the animation has been completely loaded.) Note how the outer radiation shell (the "tire") remains stationary, while the inner part (the "wheel") rotates within it.

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