Whole Brain Emulation
Submission Guidelines

Types of Material

Four kinds of regular material appear in this journal: The last category, Comments, is a special case; simply follow the feedback instructions on the page to which you are responding. No other submission guidelines are necessary. For other types of material, this document applies.


Articles and news stories should be prepared in HTML format and submitted by electronic mail to editor@strout.net. When multiple files are involved -- e.g., graphics in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format -- these should be collected along with the HTML file into an archive (any common format is acceptable) and attached to the email cover letter.

Call for Papers

Articles and news stories are hereby solicited. No inquiry is necessary, however, it may be advisable if you are uncertain whether your material is appropriate for our forum.

If you wish to write a guest editorial, please inquire first.

This document is a draft -- not yet in effect.

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