Meshwork Pumpkin Carving Contest 1999

In October 1999, Meshwork's first informal modeling contest was announced, with a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern theme.

The Winner:

Giles Williams

with the excellent model shown at right. Built of 940 vertices and 1879 triangles, it is based on a double-walled squashed sphere. Note the attention to detail: there is a candle inside the pumpkin, and the "lid" of the pumpkin doesn't quite set down flush with the rest of the shell. Note, too, the subtle texture map used to give the impression of vertical ridges. Giles also made very efficient use of triangles; the holes of the eyes, nose, and mouth fit naturally into the tesselation of the sphere, so that no extra triangles were needed.

Click to Download Giles' Pumpkin (Meshwork file, 76K).

For his efforts, Giles has won the following cool prizes:

With these, plus maybe 60 cents, Giles could purchase a can of soda. But it's the fun spirit of the contest that really matters anyway, right?

Congratulations Giles, and thanks to everyone who entered the pumpkin-carving contest!