Raw To PDB

What is it?

This is a little MacOS application I wrote to convert image files for use with Sweetheart or Spec. It's freeware, and available at:


What are Sweetheart and Spec?

Sweetheart is a little freeware Pilot application by Andreas Linke which displays a 160x160 grayscale image. Sweetheart is available at this URL:


Spec is a similar app, but it also reads Image Viewer files and supports scrolling, on-screen palette adjustment tools, etc. Its home page is:


So how do I get my images into Sweetheart or Spec?

  1. Use a program such as Graphic Converter to format your image properly: it must be 160 pixels high, 160 pixels wide, and 2-bit grayscale (i.e., four shades including black and white). Save the image in "RAW" format.
  2. Drag the raw image file onto Raw To PDB, and save the converted file as "Sweetheart.PDB".
  3. Install this file (e.g., by dropping it on SimpleInst).
  4. Run Sweetheart or Spec on your Pilot. That's it!

    Cool! What's it going to cost me?

    Nothing. Raw To PDB is freeware, as are Sweetheart and Spec. But please register your interest below, so I know I'm not wasting my time, and so I can notify you of future updates.

    Even cooler! Any future plans?

    Nope -- this project is basically frozen, since I now have an ImageViewer Plug-In for GraphicConverter, which is a much more powerful approach.

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