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Lemons Boards

The table below lists all known Lemons boards except for the Sample Board distributed with the application. It is my goal to keep all boards neatly indexed here so Lemons players can easily find them.

If you have a board to contribute, send it to and I'll add it to the archive as soon as possible.

NEWS - Carlos Baquero has updated Unreal with a few minor changes, mainly to make it a little bit easier to solve.

Board Name Author Levels Date
Jungle Temple J. Strout 5 10/19/98
Halloween J. Strout 3 10/21/98
Christmas Lemons K. Woodall 3 10/22/98
Unreal C. Baquero 4 10/28/98
Skull Island J. Strout 5 10/31/98

You may also access these files directly by FTP:
Last Updated: 10/31/98 . . . . . .