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a Pilot screen capture utility


Snapshot is a tiny (3K) application for the Pilot palmtop computer which can capture any screen (grayscale or black & white) to a file in ImageViewer format. This can then be viewed on the Pilot, or transferred to a desktop computer for conversion to other formats, posting on the web, etc.


Snapshot is freeware; it may be distibuted freely, but not sold or included in for-profit collections without permission from the author. This page is the Snapshot home page, and will always have the most up-to-date information. To download Snapshot, click on one of the following: (Macs) (others)

Current Version: 1.1 (July 25, 1998) -- See the Release Notes.


  1. Launch Snapshot. Abbreviated instructions will appear, along with a "Do It!" button at the bottom of the screen. You can also change the duration of a timer (default is 10 seconds).
  2. Click "Do It!" This starts the timer and exits the program. You will hear a double click sound to indicate that the timer was successfully started.
  3. Switch to the screen you wish to capture within the time you have defined.
  4. You will then hear a double beep to indicate that the snapshot has been taken. It now resides on your Pilot as a database called "Screen Shot", containing one image.
  5. If you wish to preview the image, I recommend TinyViewer. You might also use ImageViewer or Spec, but these will import the image file, making the next step more difficult.
  6. To transfer the file to your PC, simply do a HotSync. It will appear in your backup folder as a file called "Screen_Shot.PDB" (or for additional files, "Screen_Shot_2.PDB", etc.).

Image Conversion

Mac users can convert the Screen_Shot.PDB file to other graphics formats using an ImageViewer Plug-In for GraphicConverter.

PC/Unix users can get tools to convert Image Viewer files from the Image Viewer web site.

Known Bugs & Limitations

Snapshot doesn't work with certain games which switch to a different screen upon intercepting an alarm. This is unfortunate, but there's not much I can do about it.

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