isopotential, cylindrical compartment

CONICAL object class#include Cylinder.h
compile Cylinder.cpp
Base Classes
Compartmentisopotential volume
Derived Classes
Spikerintegrate-and-fire Compartment
Member Functions & Variables
void SetE ( real pE );
void SetRa ( real pRa );
void SetCm ( real pCm );
void SetRm ( real pRm );
void SetLength ( real pLength );
void SetRadius ( real pRadius );
Cylinder ( real pRadius , real pLength );
Cylinder ( void );
static real defE ;
static real defRa ;
static real defCm ;
static real defRm ;

A Cylinder is a Compartment which has a, well, cylindrical shape. This assumption allows you to specify the compartment's properties in terms of its dimensions, its specific membrane resistance and capacitance, and specific axial (cytoplasmic) resistance. The absolute capacitance and conductance figures needed by the Compartment will be automatically derived.

Membrane values here are the specific values, independent of cell dimensions. Thus the cell dimensions can be changed without changing membrane properties.

Cell dimensions are set or changed with the SetLength and SetRadius methods. Specific membrane values are set as follows:

In addition, the SetE method is used to set the cylinder's equilibrium (rest) potential. See the demos for several examples of using a Cylinder.