isopotential volume

CONICAL object class#include Cmprtmnt.h
compile Cmprtmnt.cpp
Base Classes
Stepperprovides Step(dt) method
VSinkvoltage sink
VSourcevoltage source
Derived Classes
Cylinderisopotential, cylindrical compartment
Member Functions & Variables
real Gi ;
real negC ;
real EGm ;
real Gm ;
virtual real GetV ( void );
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
Compartment ( void );

A Compartment is an isopotential volume, to which other compartments may be attached through Links (or other Currents). A Compartment may also have a number of Channels. The current flow from these objects is balanced against the current flow through the Compartment membrane, to produce a new Compartment potential (voltage) in the Step method.

The Compartment class may be instatiated directly, and it works, but you will have to set its variables in a low-level manner. If you use Cylinder instead, these variables are set in terms of compartment dimensions and dimension-independent units.