ideal current source

CONICAL object class#include Injector.h
Base Classes
CurrentCurrent source to a VSink
Derived Classes
Member Functions & Variables
virtual real GetEG ( void );
virtual real GetI ( void );
virtual void SetI ( real pI );
Injector ( VSink * pTo , real pI = 0 );

An Injector is an ideal current source, that is, one which provides a constant current regardless of the potential of the voltage sink to which it is attached. Such a current source has an infinite internal resistance, i.e. zero conductance, and an infinite source potential, so that the current (E-V)G = EG-VG = EG for any finite V.

This is implemented by keeping G equal to 0, but letting EG return E (as if G=1) -- a bit of a double standard. Additional methods SetI and GetI are implemented to allow this class to be used in a more technically correct manner.