Current source to a VSink

CONICAL object class#include Current.h
Base Classes
Derived Classes
LinkVSource to VSink connection
Injectorideal current source
Channelvariable-conductance current
Member Functions & Variables
real G ;
virtual VSink * GetTo ( void );
virtual real GetEG ( void );
virtual real GetE ( void );
virtual void SetE ( real pE );
virtual ~ Current ( void );
Current ( VSink * pTo , real pG = 1 , real pE = 0 );

A Current is any source of current for a VSink.

This class may be used directly to implement a passive ion channel, or a "leak" current. For active channels, use the Channel class or something derived from it. To connect Compartments together, use a pair of Links.

The equilibrium potential is set and read with the SetE() method and GetE() methods. This is the potential at which the current reverses direction. In other words, a current acts to bring the Compartment's potential closer to the current's equilibrium potential.

Note that although the first parameter of the constructor is a pointer, passing NULL will promptly crash your program. You must pass a valid pointer to a VSink (or one of its descendants).