columnar output generator

CONICAL object class#include StepStrm.h
compile StepStrm.cpp
Base Classes
Stepperprovides Step(dt) method
Derived Classes
Member Functions & Variables
char Delimiter ;
int OutputOnStep ;
ostream * itsOutStream ;
real T ;
virtual void OutputHeader ( ostream * pStr = NULL );
virtual void Output ( ostream * pStr = NULL );
virtual real GetValue ( const int pCol );
virtual const char * GetHeader ( const int pCol );
virtual int ClearColumn ( const int pCol );
virtual int SetColumn ( const int pCol , real * pVar = NULL , const char * pHeader = NULL );
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
StepStream ( ostream & pStream );
StepStream ( void );

This class implements a column-oriented output stream. A number of columns are defined, with text headers (of length kSSHeaderLen). At each step, the values (tied to the class by pointers) are fetched and can be output to any ostream.

WARNING: this class has no means to check whether the pointers it is given are valid, or to ensure that they stay that way. If it ends up with an invalid pointer, Disaster May Happen.