provides Step(dt) method

CONICAL object class#include Stepper.h
Base Classes
Derived Classes
Compartmentisopotential volume
DelayLink with a time delay
Channelvariable-conductance current
StepStreamcolumnar output generator
MarkovMarkov kinetic model
Member Functions & Variables
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
~ Stepper ( );
Stepper ( );

A Stepper is any object which needs to be updated at each tick of the simulation clock. The update is provided through a call to the Step(dt) method, which can be invoked automatically via a Stepmaster. When a Stepper is created, it is automatically attached to gStepmaster (a global variable), which allows you to update all Steppers at once simply by calling gStepmaster.StepAll(dt).

Stepper is not technically an abstract class -- that is, you can actually create a pure Stepper if you want to -- but its Step method does nothing. Normally you would use some other class derived from Stepper.