unites Steppers together

CONICAL object class#include Stepmstr.h
compile Stepmstr.cpp
Base Classes
Derived Classes
Member Functions & Variables
int GetCurIdx ( );
void StepAll ( const real dt );
void Attach ( Stepper & );
~ Stepmaster ( );
Stepmaster ( );

A Stepmaster is an object to which a number of Steppers are attached. It allows the Step(dt) method of all the Steppers to be called at once, via the Stepmaster's StepAll(dt) method. The Stepmaster also serves internal bookkeeping functions (e.g., keeping track of which "memory page" is current for simultaneous updates).

A Stepper must be attached to a Stepmaster at all times. When a Stepmaster object is killed, all the attached Steppers are destroyed as well. If a Stepper is destroyed, the Stepmaster is automatically notified but remains intact. A Stepper can only be removed (without destroying it) by attaching it to another Stepmaster.

For ease of use in normal situations, a global gStepmaster is automatically defined. A Stepper is automatically attached to gStepmaster when it is created. You can then update all the Steppers (which you have not explicitly attached to some other Stepmaster) simply by calling gStepmaster.StepAll(dt).