Joe Strout's

C++ Class Library

This is a small archive of small (but useful!) C++ classes. These are the sort of classes you could write yourself, but you probably wouldn't polish them as nicely, or test them as thoroughly, and besides, you'd rather spend your time writing the more interesting stuff. So help yourself! Just give credit to the author.

Design Principles

Class Name OS Stream
Requires Notes
String any yes stdio.h pass directly to Mac toolbox!
Vector any yes math.h 3D vector math; 100% inline
GifMaker any N/A iostream create GIFs, draw turtle graphics, etc.
MatchWild any N/A string.h simple wildcard match/replace in char arrays
FilePath Mac/Unix No String traverse directories, get file type, etc.
ListFiles Mac/Unix No vector returns list of files in a given directory

Have something to contribute? If you have a class that meets the design principles above, I'll be happy to post it here, or provide a link to your site. Send me email ( and we'll work something out.

Mac users be sure to also see my Mac Development Page for more free C/C++ code specific to the Mac.
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