Joe's Mac Development Page

This is not a page of links to other Mac Development pages; there are plenty such indices already. Instead, this page is home to some of my own code, which you might find useful in your own Macintosh programming projects. I try to keep the pieces encapsulated and not dependent on other pieces or libraries any more than absolutely necessary, so you can pick and choose which parts you want to use.

Lightspeed 3D C++3D Graphics Engine
Magdef C++Mac Game Development Framework
Moof C++Minimal Object-Oriented Framework
OpenStrip C++open-source Control Strip for OS X
Pane Classes C++text panes, icon panes, enclosures...
PrefsFile C, C++read/write a preferences file
ScaleBlit C, C++a fast scaling blitter
ScriptMenu C, C++easily add a "Scripts" menu
SimpleSR C++simplifies use of Speech Recognition
SimpleVector C++simple vector (array) for small objects
TermConsole C, C++SIOUX console replacement that does terminal emulation
WindowMenu C, C++easily add a "Windows" menu

Also see my cross-platform C++ classes, guaranteed to work just fine under MacOS.

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