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The PalmPilot is a fantastic PalmTop computer; it's simple, elegant, and powerful. The Pilot based on the same family of microprocessors as the older (68K) Macintosh, and its operating system is basically a stripped-down clone of MacOS, as well. Yet despite the close technical ties between the two, 3Com's support for Mac users has not been excellent. In many cases, the same can be said for authors of third-party Pilot software.

This page is intended to be the central repository of all information for Mac/Pilot users -- Mac-specific bugs in Pilot software, MacOS support apps, and frequently asked questions.

MacOS file converters/editors/viewers

ImageViewer Plug-In

This is a plug-in (extension) for GraphicConverter, a great shareware graphics utility. It enables GraphicConverter to read and write greyscale picture files in ImageViewer format; they can then be read by Spec, TinyViewer, or ImageViewer. Freeware.


This is a drag-and-drop application that converts a text file into a Memo entry (or multiple entries, if the text file is > 4K). Shareware ($5).


Raw-to-PDB is a drag-and-drop application that converts raw 2-bit image files into a format that can be displayed on your Pilot using Spec or Sweetheart. Freeware.

Album Maker

This shareware ($10) program converts PICT files into .pdb files for use with PocketAlbum.


This is a drag-and-drop application that converts textfiles into a format that can be read by Doc, or its derivatives AportisDoc or J-Doc. Freeware.

JFile Converter

This application converts Macintosh databases or text files into JFile database files, or vice versa. Freeware.

FMPro/JFile Conduit

This is a FileMaker/JFile Conduit for Macintosh, currently under development by Rob Tsuk. Read about the Alpha Test and see if you want to participate!
enhancements/replacements for Palm Desktop software

Palm Buddy

Finally, a live drag and drop Finder-like installer and backup management tool for Mac users! Backup and install stuff on your Palm handheld, with transparent on-the-fly conversions.


SimpleInst is a replacement for the InstallApp program shipped with the MacPac. It's wonderful; just drop your .prc or .pdb files onto SimpleInst, and they are painlessly installed. Freeware.


This is a Control Strip module for turning HotSync on and off. Freeware. NOTE: at least one user has reported that this causes a crash when used with the new MacPac 2.0 beta on a Motorola 3000.

Mac Conduit Manager 1.01 Update

This file from Palm Computing upgrades your Conduit Manager software to version 1.01, fixing a bug or two. If you haven't done this, you should do it now.
other Mac/Pilot web pages

Mac stuff at Palm Computing

This page has info on Palm products & software for Mac users.

Macintosh & Palm Computing FAQ

This is an official FAQ on the topic from Palm Computing. It's a bit thin, but it may be helpful if you're really clueless.

HotSync Problems

Here's Palm Computing's story on the problem that affects Macs using a "Tanzania" motherboard.

Solving Common Macintosh Problems

This article in the March 1998 issue of PalmPower Magazine details a number of common problems and solutions involving use of the Pilot with the Mac.

MacOS PalmPilot

A nice site on the Pilot for Mac users (hosted at GeoCities), but it hasn't been updated in quite a while.

Mac and the PalmPilot

"Using the PalmPilot with a Mac" (not responding at last test).
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