Jam is a MacOS application for building smooth three-dimensional structures called "metaballs" or (more informally) "blobs" for use with the POV-Ray ray-tracing application. It takes full advantage of POV-Ray's metaball capability: blob components may be spheres or cylinders, and they may be scaled and rotated as desired. These capabilities allow many blob structures to be made with far fewer components than if they were restricted to perfect spheres. Jam saves in a format which can be easily included into a POV-Ray file for quick preview or final use.

Download Jam

The latest version is 0.4 , and may be downloaded from:


Jam requires a PowerPC processor and QuickDraw 3D version 1.5.4 or higher. Also see the Release Notes.

Jam Documentation

The documentation, like the program itself, is still in its infancy. But this should get you started:

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