Luminous Chess

Luminous Chess is a Macintosh application which implements an unusual Chess board. Every piece on the board casts light onto the squares which it may attack; one player's pieces cast red light, and the other's cast blue. These lights overlap and combine, showing you instantly the influence exerted over any square on the board.

Luminous Chess is strictly a two-player game; there is no computer opponent. However, it has several advantages over a normal Chess board:

  1. The luminous squares are both beautiful and informative.
  2. Luminous Chess implements both standard and Grand Chess (which requires a 10x10 board).
  3. The pieces in Luminous Chess are not easily knocked over by the cat while you're trying to play.

Luminous Chess is freeware: it may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes. Download it from:
Current Version: 2.1 (Apr. 16, 1997) -- see the Release Notes.

NOTE: Several users have reported difficulty unpacking this file when downloaded with Anarchie. I have no idea why this might be, but it seems to work OK with Fetch or Netscape. Luminous Chess 2.0 appears on PHT's "Best of Internet" MacGames3 CD-ROM.

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Luminous Chess was written in about 8 hours using Metrowerks Codewarrior. Source code is available as lumchess-src.sea.hqx (50K) at the same ftp site as above.
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