MacVol is a Macintosh volume renderer based on VolPack, a Unix volume-rendering library. You give MacVol a PICS or TIFF file defining a volume, and it produces a 3D rendering. Thanks to the latest algorithms supplied with VolPack, MacVol is very fast and produces high-quality results.

Here are some screen shots of MacVol in action.

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The latest version is 1.3 , and may be downloaded from: (175K)

Sample volume: (910K)

MacVol requires a Macintosh PowerPC or compatible (it does not run on older 68K Macs). Larger volumes will require large amounts of RAM.

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MacVol is freeware, copyright () 1997 by Joseph J. Strout. It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes. MacVol was created with MacZoop and CodeWarrior.

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