an app to set or unset Lefty Preference


Lefty is a tiny (4K) application for the Pilot palmtop computer which does nothing but set or unset a "Lefty Preference" option. Lefty-savvy apps (see below) can then read this preference and rearrange the graphical interface to make it more usable with the left hand.


Lefty is freeware; it may be distibuted freely, but not sold or included in for-profit collections without permission from the author. This page is the Lefty home page, and will always have the most up-to-date information. To download Lefty, click here:


Current Version: 2.0 (Apr. 20, 2004) -- See the Release Notes.


Usage of Lefty is self-explanatory. Simply launch the app, and check the checkbox. You may then delete Lefty if you wish; the preference will remain in effect until you uncheck it (of course, you'll have to reinstall Lefty to do so).

(Palm developers: Supporting Lefty is easy and free. See Coding for Lefty Pilots for more details.

Lefty-Savvy Apps

The following apps are reported to support Lefty. Check them out! (Developers: if your Lefty-savvy app isn't listed here, let me know, and I'll notify hundreds of eager Lefty users.)

Known Bugs & Limitations

No bugs are known. If you find one, please let me know.


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