Markov-model Synapse

CONICAL object class#include MrkovSyn.h
Base Classes
MarkovMarkov kinetic model
Synapseneurotransmitter-gated Channel
Derived Classes
Member Functions & Variables
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
MarkovSyn ( const int pStates , VSink * pTo , VSource * pComp , real pMaxG = 0 . 1 );

This class defines a synapse based on the Markov formalism, as described in Destexhe, Mainen, & Sejnowski (1994). The "Open" state is defined to be state 0 (zero); all other states are considered non-conductive (i.e. closed or desensitized). The conductance G is simply calculated as GetValue(0) * MaxG.

The Markov-model synapse is a very flexible and powerful tool. By choosing an appropriate state diagram, nearly any synapse dynamics can be implemented.