Markov kinetic model

CONICAL object class#include Markov.h
compile Markov.cpp
Base Classes
Stepperprovides Step(dt) method
Derived Classes
MarkovSynMarkov-model Synapse
Member Functions & Variables
int GetQtyStates ( void );
void SetCoeff ( const int pFrom , const int pTo , real * pPtr );
real * GetCoeff ( const int pFrom , const int pTo );
void SetRate ( const int pFrom , const int pTo , const real pValue );
real GetRate ( const int pFrom , const int pTo );
void SetValue ( const int pState , const real pValue );
real GetValue ( const int pState );
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
Markov ( const int pQtyStates );

This class implements a simple Markov model, i.e. a kinetic model based on state diagrams in which the rates of state transitions are time-independent. The "value" of each state is a real number between 0 and 1 which represents the fraction of items (e.g., channels) in that state.

Since each state is stored as a real number and the model is implemented with differential equations, this class is not suitable for simulation of a single item or small number of items. For that purpose, a stochastic simulation class would be needed.