variable-conductance current

CONICAL object class#include Channel.h
Base Classes
Stepperprovides Step(dt) method
CurrentCurrent source to a VSink
Derived Classes
Synapseneurotransmitter-gated Channel
ChanHHHodgkin-Huxley ion channel
Member Functions & Variables
real MaxG ;
virtual void Step ( const real dt );
Channel ( VSink * pTo , VSource * pComp , real pMaxG = 0 . 1 );
Channel ( Compartment * pTo , real pMaxG = 0 . 1 );

A Channel is a type of Current whose equilibrium potential is fixed (via the Current's SetE() method), but whose conductance G varies with time. A Channel implements an active channel; for a passive channel, you can simply use a Current.

Note that since a Channel may need a voltage to change its conductance, it must be either attached to a Compartment, or separately attached to a VSink and a VSource (see constructors). The former is appropriate for a membrane channel; the latter would be appropriate for (say) a synapse, whose conductance depends on presynaptic voltage, but whose current affects the postsynaptic compartment.