\ den-drom-eh-ter \ (n.) : A Macintosh application for the measurement, analysis, and visualization of three-dimensional branchy structures such as the dendrites of neurons.

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Dendrometer is designed for neuroscientists who have generated a three-dimensional greyscale image of a treelike structure, such as a neuron or a section of dendrite. This volume is loaded into Dendrometer, and browsed with a three-dimensional cursor. "Nodes" (branch points or kinks in a section), are marked with their position and diameter using the mouse, and connected via line segments, as shown at right.
This information can be copied to the clipboard, and pasted into any appropriate spreadsheet or analysis program. In addition, your tracing data may be used to visualize the structure. The built-in renderer simply draws the line segments in a rotating volume (shown at left); this is updated in real time as you add additional segments. You can also export your tracing to VRML or QuickDraw 3D for more sophisticated visualization.

Dendrometer was created with MacZoop and CodeWarrior.
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