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Little Eager Men Of No Sense

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Lemons is a strategy/puzzle game for the PalmPilot, based on a famous game from the 80's. A horde of eager little critters pour out of the upper-left corner of each level, equipped with only a few simple skills and a great desire to reach their "home" to the right. Unfortunately, they have little sense, and need you to guide them at every turn.


The Lemons distribution comes with a sample board which you may play freely; to play other boards will require a US$10 registration fee. It also comes with LemonsEdit, an application you can use to create your own boards.

The current version of Lemons is 1.3 , and may be downloaded here:

(Mac users should click on the first link, others use the second.) Also see the Release Notes.


With the unregistered game, you may play the sample board (four levels) that comes with the download pack. To play other boards, you'll need to register Lemons. Registration costs US$10, and may be paid by credit card via a regular or secure server:

The registration screen will ask for a User Code. This is given to you by Lemons when you attempt to play any board other than the sample board that came with it, or when you click the word "Unregistered" in the bottom-left corner of the main screen.


Launch Lemons. A list of installed Lemons boards will appear; select one, and click "Play". Please be patient while the board loads.

Once the board appears, lemons will start dropping, one by one, out of the sky on the left-hand side of the board. Your object is to guide them off the right side of the board. To do this, first click on a tool in the toolbar to the left of the board, then click on a lemon to execute that tool.

For example, if you want a lemon to don a parachute, click on the parachute tool, then click on a lemon -- that lemon will then be able to fall any distance without meeting a squishy demise.

Each tool has a limited number of uses, as shown by the tiny numbers on each button; so it's important to use them frugally.

The indicators on the bottom of the screen show you how many lemons have yet to appear; how many are currently on the board; how many have died; and how many have made it safely "home" -- as well as how many are required to solve the board.

To restart a level, tap the Menu silkscreened button.

For more detailed instructions, see Care and Feeding of Lemons.

Known Bugs & Limitations

  • Lemons and LemonsEdit may crash if you have less than about 40k free memory on your Palm device. Future versions of Lemons will handle low-memory situations more gracefully, but you'll always need about this much free memory to play.
  • Lemons may occasionally fail to enter grayscale mode. When this happens, tap the Menu silkscreened button to return to the level intro, let the level reload, and then tap Play again.
  • After editing a level, stray tiles may sometimes appear, usually near the top of the screen. I'm still pursuing this; meanwhile, just edit the board again and take them out; it happens rarely enough to be a nuisance but not a serious problem.
  • There were problems with boards showing up on PalmOS 3.0 devices such as the Palm IIIx and the Palm V. These problems are believed to be resolved as of Lemons 1.3.

If you find any other problems, please send mail to

Other Notes

  • Mac users should be sure to unzip the files with the latest version of StuffIt Expander (or ZipIt). Older versions of StuffIt Expander (4.5 or older) have been known to corrupt the files, such that the last several levels of each board will be unusable.
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