VSource to VSink connection

CONICAL object class#include Link.h
Base Classes
CurrentCurrent source to a VSink
Derived Classes
DelayLink with a time delay
Member Functions & Variables
virtual real GetEG ( void );
virtual real GetE ( void );
virtual void SetE ( real pV );
Link ( VSource * pFrom , VSink * pTo , real pG = 1 );

A Link attaches a VSource to a VSink. It provides a source of current to the VSink which depends on the relative voltage of the VSource. Each Link provides a one-way connection; for a bi-directional connection, use a pair of Links.

This class is appropriate for connecting Compartments together, as in a cellular branch, or as a gap junction. For passive ion channels, simply use a Current. For synaptic connections, use some derivative of the Synapse class.

Note that a Link, like any Current, has a conductance G. In typical use as a connector between Compartments, this conductance should be set to the average of the Gi of each Compartment. If the Compartment parameters change in a way that affects Gi, you'll need to update the Link's conductance manually.