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Software for MacOS

These applications for the Apple Macintosh and compatibles range from research-grade visualization (MacVol) and analysis (Dendrometer) tools, to games designed to flex your mental muscle. Most of these are not available elsewhere.

Graphics Utilities


Dendrometer is a tool that allows you to trace a branching structure such as a neuron, and convert the voxel data into a vector format which is more easily analyzed and modelled.

ImageViewer Plug-In

This is a plug-in for GraphicConverter which reads and writes files in "ImageViewer" format -- a common image format on the PalmPilot. See Spec for a good freeware ImageViewer-compatible viewer.


Jam is a 3D metaball (or "blob") modeling program, optimized for use with POV-Ray (an excellent freeware ray-tracing program).


MacVol is a volume rendering program -- given a voxel dataset, it generates a shaded view from any angle. It's extremely fast and high quality, but requires large amounts of RAM.


Meshwork is a 3D modeling program, used to build and edit triangle meshes. Outputs to 3DMF and POV-Ray.

CubeRender Demo

This demonstrates the "Cube Render" algorithm described by Paul Bourke (also known as "sky cube" in come circles). It seamlessly combines six images to provide a view of a scene looking in any direction.

PBM Plug-In

This Photoshop plug-in enables PhotoShop to read Portable BitMap and Portable PixMap files (a common graphics interchange format in the Unix world).
Educational & Scientific Tools


a MacOS port of the Unix tar program; reads and writes tar archives


UnitCalc is a calculator that keeps track of units -- e.g., multiply 5 ohms by 2 amps, and you'll get 10 volts.


This program is a simple typing tutor, especially suited for teaching the Dvorak layout.
Strategy Games

Luminous Chess

This is a two-player Chess board, on which the squares light up to show the combined influence of the pieces. A good teaching aid for newcomers to the game, and also very pleasant visually. Also plays Grand Chess.


Shakti is a simple but interesting chess-like strategy game. For 0-2 players.
Other Goodies


This is a little utility for editing "FAR" files used in the Maxis game The Sims.

RB Plugins

Herein you'll find a plugin or two for use with REALbasic.

All the software here is freeware -- but you can help support it in two ways:

  1. Please remember to register each app that you use, so I can gauge user interest and notify you of any updates. (These lists are for internal use only and are not shared or sold under any circumstances.)
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