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Joe Strout's

Software for PalmOS

The applications below run on the PalmPilot, a great little handheld computer. Links to related Mac software are also included.

Graphics Utilities


Spec is a grayscale image viewer for the Pilot. It features a small memory footprint, a pop-up toolbar, scrolling, and support for images in ImageViewer or Sweetheart format.


Snapshot is a Pilot screen-capture utility. It can save any screen (grayscale or black & white) to a file in ImageViewer format, which can then be viewed on the Pilot or converted to other graphics formats on your desktop computer.
General Utilities


Lefty is a tiny application that simply sets (or unsets) a "lefty preference," which declares to lefty-savvy apps that you hold the stylus with your left hand.


Lemons is a thinking game based on a popular computer game of the 80s. Guide your eager but none-too-bright friends through a dangerous environment to reach their home.
MacOS Pilot-Support Tools

ImageViewer Plug-In

This is a plug-in for GraphicConverter which reads and writes files in "ImageViewer" format -- a common image format on the PalmPilot. See Spec for a good freeware ImageViewer-compatible viewer.


This drag-and-drop application converts a 160x160 2-bit greyscale raw image file into Sweetheart format, for viewing with Sweetheart or Spec.
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