An inheritance diagram for the CONICAL class library is shown below. (Classes which are part of the standard iostreams library, or which are used internally by CONICAL classes and not publicly accessible, are not shown.)

Typical CONICAL use will proceed as follows:

  1. Create a cell:
    1. Create one or more Cylinders and set appropriate parameters for passive properties
    2. Connect them with passive Currents
    3. Add one or more ChanStds to each compartment for active channels
  2. Create more cells, if desired
  3. Connect cells with AlphaSyns or MarkovSyns (we recommend the latter)
  4. Add a current Injector and/or StepStream, as desired
  5. Run the simulation:
    1. Call gStepmaster.StepAll(dt)
    2. Do additional output tasks (update graph, animation, etc.)
    3. Repeat until done

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Last Updated: 2/21/96 Joe Strout.